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A true bang-a-rang! A song to be listened to more than once!

Dinner With Dads Dinner With Dads

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Dinners ready come over

Melodies Into The Deepest Crev Melodies Into The Deepest Crev

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Dude, I'm not sure how I've missed so much activity from your page.... NG says this one is from over a year ago. Love it love it

Depression Of The Soul Depression Of The Soul

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This took my sadness and melted it away into a fine, carmel like substance. I poured it on my ice cream, gave it to grandma, and then cried.

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Londonislame responds:

I took your words to heart, I've ground them up into a fine powder and used the fibrous, pulpy remains to make a sheet of paper, about 3/4 of a micrometer thick in which to line my mattress with. I removed what was left of your words the next morning. There was little left at this point as I suffer from an illness you may not have heard of in your thin existence. The illness is called "restless leg syndrome". They say I have 29,200 days left to live if I'm lucky. My legs tore apart your word with the burning passion of 1000 suns. I screamed for them to stop. "That's enough!" I said, "You've taken it too far." I cried. My legs did not listen. They moved in ways I had not seen legs move before. Contortionists would have looked in awe given the opportunity to observe such a glorious night. I fell asleep thinking things would be better tomorrow, but the far recesses of my brain never wavered from the thoughts that tomorrow would just be another meaningless day filled with words. Words of all shapes and sizes. 26 letters, meaningless on their own, yet so easily formed into a knife, sharp as the teeth of dog, known only by "Tina". I heard a bear howl to the moon. What's that up ahead? It's a street sign! Next stop: The Twilight Zone.

Edit: This was a long drawn out way of me saying, I slept on what you said. The truth, now that's something different entirely. Truth can be as fickle as the soft frills of a peacocks plume. I guess what I'm getting at is that,

I agree.